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At Tawazun Precision Industries (TPI), we serve all facets of industrial needs for tawazun’s emerging industries and beyond. Our established manufacturing facility in abu dhabi equips us with a wide range of capabilities such as engineering, production, surface & heat treatment, machining, coating, repairing and tooling.

Defense, Aerospace and Oil & Gas are the three core business lines around which we configure our competencies, and each of our solutions is calibrated to industryspecific standards. Over the years, we have earned the confidence of our clients by conforming to the highest standards of quality aided by international certifications.

At TPI, we envision our role as a precision manufacturing infrastructure in the UAE, serving clients in the region and internationally. By securing strategic partnerships with established players across the globe, we are on the path to ensuring a continuous build-up of capabilities and expertise while developing cutting-edge solutions.

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We efficiently integrate the entire value chain of demand from engineering and machining assembling and testing. As part of our growth trajectory, we seek to form strategic alliances with companies to support their operations in the region and beyond. Our ultimate aim however is to optimize our core businesses in line with the objectives of our parent company Tawazun, and the all-encompassing UAE comprehensive development drive.


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